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Drab to Fab Virtual Meetings

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Have video conference fatigue (we hear you)? At Celtic Associations we have managed, and continue to plan, a plethora of virtual meetings. The need to keep audience members at full attention and dodge the dreadful “drop off” is always top of mind. Our team has researched and executed a number of engaging ideas and software to deliver the biggest bang. Here are our staff's top five picks to add flair to your next event:

1. The Hostess or Host with the Mostest

Celebrity hosts can add dialogue between segments, bring comedic relief and add panache to the overall experience. Well known industry people or celebrities can be more accessible and affordable then you realize.

2. Bring on the virtual Confetti Cannon

Who doesn’t love surprises, and delighting ones for sure. Add an unexpected element to the event such as a surprise musical guest or impromptu award for best attendee.

3. Deliver to the doorstep

Send a package to the attendees location. A swag bag with awesome goodies? Yes please. Or have lunch delivered to their door using an online food ordering site. Make everyone feel connected through the same hands-on experience.

4. A little competition doesn’t hurt anyone

We love PowerPoint Karaoke and have seen first hand the laughter that ensues while playing. Games offer a relaxed break between tight presentation schedules and be topics of discussion during virtual happy hours or networking sessions.

5. Take them to another world

Create a fully customized, virtual space for attendees to “meet up” and network. Celtic has used Gather to help attendees showcase their poster sessions. The virtual environment may be a more comfortable platform for those to have conversations they may not necessarily have in-person.

For more exciting ideas, reach out to our team. We’d love to virtually meet you!

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