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  • Marlene Byrne

Finding a Fit for Asynchronous Meetings

As we start to head into the last half of 2021, associations are planning for the next evolution of meeting styles; in-person, hybrid, fully virtual, social live, and the latest trend…asynchronous. Asynchronous is when people communicate without the requirement that they be “present” at the same exact moment in time. A typical format does not schedule specific times for live presentations, participants review materials, watch pre-recorded content, and answer prompts on their own time. There a few factors that qualify asynchronous meetings as the perfect format. Here are three considerations to help you make that decision:

1. Time Elasticity: If your attendees span across multiple time zones, structuring the perfect agenda can be difficult and full attendance can suffer. With asynchronous meetings, organizers can ditch the worry of finding all the sweet spot times.

2. Comfort Level: With no live elements, new speakers or those uncomfortable speaking in front of live groups can easily contribute. You may event be able to recruit speakers you normally may have not, adding more diversity to the content presented.

3. Dialogue Extension: Attendees can engage in conversations when its best for them. Instead of abandoning, individuals can participate at their own pace and not feel pressured to respond or discuss in real time.

If you have been head nodding while reading this article, then your next meeting may be a fit for this format.


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